One Dead After U.S. Military Aircraft Crashes Into The Sea Near Japan

V-22 Osprey

Photo: Tao Wang / iStock / Getty Images

At least one person was killed when a U.S. military aircraft crashed into the ocean near Japan. There were six service members on the U.S. military Osprey aircraft when it crashed off the coast of Yakushima around 3 p.m. on Wednesday (November 29).

The Osprey dropped off the radar before it went down. Officials are calling the crash an "emergency water landing."

"The U.S. side explained to us that the pilot did his best until the very end, so we're using the term' emergency water landing,'" Hiroyuki Miyazawa, Japan's vice defense minister, explained.

When rescue boats arrived at the crash site, they found "wreckage-like debris" and an overturned life raft in the water.

Officials said that one person was pulled from the water, but they were "unconscious and not breathing." Paramedics attempted to perform life-saving measures, but the victim was declared dead.

No information has been released about the other five service members on the aircraft.

It is unknown what caused the aircraft to crash.

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