Governor Announces Python Bowl 2020

Wildlife officials are using the hype of the upcoming Super Bowl to get more people involved in removing some of the 150-thousand pythons slithering through the Florida Everglades. Governor Ron DeSantis announcing that the 10-day "Python Bowl" will kick off January 10th. Bass Pro Shops will provide the cash prizes for python hunters who capture the heaviest, longest, and most pythons. The non-native snakes are blamed for disrupting the food chain in the "River of Grass"

“Governor Ron DeSantis is making a difference in restoring the Everglades and tackling Florida’s python problem,”said South Florida Water Management District (SFWMD) Executive Director Drew Bartlett.“Along with record-setting recommendations for Everglades restoration funding, the Governor is directing more resources and putting new energy into removing these harmful pythons from the Greater Everglades Ecosystem.”

About the Python Challenge Python Bowl

To register for the Florida Python Challenge™, members of the public must first complete an online training. There are also opportunities for optional in-person training sessions that include a hands-on component where the public can learn to identify pythons and practice safe handling and capturing techniques.

Anyone can sign up for in-person training sessions even if they are not participating in Python Challenge™.Click here to register for the competition, sign up for training, learn more about Burmese pythons and the unique Everglades ecosystem, and find resources for planning your trip to south Florida to participate in the Python Challenge™.

Images courtesy Getty, FL Governor's Office

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