Stuart City Commission Votes To Move Slowly Toward Suit Vs. U.S. Army Corps

Overflow Of Lake Okeechobee Drained Into Reservoir In Effort Of Keeping Harmful Lake Water From Nearby Estuaries

The Stuart City Commission voted Monday night to take the next steps regarding a proposed lawsuit against the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

The issue aims to change the way Lake Okeechobee levels are being managed, as the Corps has announced plans to keep more water in the lake heading into the rainy season.

That brings concerns about possible future toxic algae crises if discharges are needed during the summer.

Commissioners voted unanimously to have a thoughtfully drafted lawsuit, which they will review before filing. They want to include input from legal experts and scientists.

Calling this one of the most important things they might ever vote on, commissioners agreed to move forward at a slower pace.

Photo: Getty Images


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