Chad Benson doesn’t look or sound like a typical talk radio host. And that’s a GREAT thing. Conversational, informative, irreverent and very FUNNY. Chad’s take on the issues offers a refreshing sound that gives talk listeners the hard news and opinion that they need in a thoughtful, entertaining way that they CRAVE.

At 44, Chad is part of a New Generation of talk hosts that is able to connect with talk’s existing demo while bringing new and younger listeners into the format. Chad is an accomplished talk show host boasting over 22 years experience in the entertainment industry. He started in music radio in the 1990s at the legendary KRTH in Los Angeles as the Executive Producer of the Robert W. Morgan Show and has also been featured on Los Angeles radio stations such as KZLA-FM and KNCI-FM and KWOD-FM in Sacramento. Chad has also honed his skills as a voice artist for several Hollywood productions and has been the voice of several cartoon characters.

Chad’s sense of showmanship and entertainment, developed from years in music radio, has had a huge influence on him as a talk host, which is where his true passion lies. Using this creativity from the music side of the business, Chad honed his talk skills at Talk Radio UK as one of the first commercial talk hosts to take on the mighty BBC, boasting over a quarter million listeners per week. With success and experience abroad, Chad returned to the U.S. and hosted programs in Palm Springs at K-NEWS-FM and in San Antonio at KTSA-AM. “Chad Benson is not the usual talk host. His entertaining style, and passion for talk radio, helped develop him into a great talent. He’s not afraid to go places the average talk host will not tread. Very unique!”, says Greg Martin, Operations Manager / Program Director, Alpha Media San Antonio.

In his early years, fresh out of school, Chad left everything he knew at home in Southern California to play professional soccer in Europe and was talented enough to be signed onto the rosters of several teams including the Bristol Rovers, the Fallkirk Scotland and the Portsmouth Football Club.

Chad has a son named Jack, who has changed his world.

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Americans increasingly dread the current political climate

Federal Reserve decides not to raise rates

Federal Reserve decides not to raise rates. Former Capitol police chief Steven Sund testifies about Jan 6 security failures. Negligence lawsuit filed over Google Maps after man died driving off a collapsed bridge. More Americans living paycheck to paycheck. The immigrant population in the U.S. is climbing again, setting a record last year. Yet another threat of a government shutdown. Optimal age of happiness. AI lawsuits.

Only 16% of Americans trust the federal government

Only 16% of Americans trust the federal government. Zelensky to visit Congress on Thursday. UAW demanding four-day work week as strike continues. Protesters in Staten Island block bus carrying illegal immigrants. Woke Wednesday. 'Alien corpses' in Mexico undergo CT scan. 13-year-old girl attacked by woman at McDonalds, bystanders take video instead of intervening. Alabama band director tased by police after high school football game.

Debris reportedly found in South Carolina after F-35 stealth fighter jet disappearance

Debris reportedly found in South Carolina after F-35 stealth fighter jet disappearance. UAW strike enters day 5 with new deadline to reach deal with Big 3 set. Biden to press allies for Ukraine aid to beat back Russian invasion in U.N. speech. The cost of raising a child today. Plane carrying 5 Americans freed from Iran lands in US. Russell Brand sexual assault allegations countered with conspiracy theories.

UAW strike enters fourth day, how will it affect the economy?

UAW strike enters fourth day, how will it affect the economy? Iran releases five Americans in prisoner exchange. UK police urged to investigate sex assault allegations against comedian Russell Brand. Drew Barrymore says she won't resume talk show amid strikes after backlash. Trump appears on Meet the Press. F-35 fighter jet missing after pilot ejects during 'mishap'.

UAW strikes begin as deadline passes with no agreement

UAW strikes begin as deadline passes with no agreement. Hunter Biden indicted on federal gun charges. NASA UAP report finds no evidence of "extraterrestrial" UFOs, but some encounters still defy explanation. MGM reeling from cyber 'chaos' 5 days after attack as Caesars Entertainment says it was hacked too. Chad's NFL picks. Zach Abraham, Bulwark Capital, talks about the difference between a Bull and Bear. Electronic device detox. Trump sits down for an interview with Megyn Kelly. Movies opening this weekend.

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House Speaker Kevin McCarthy announces formal Biden impeachment inquiry

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy announces formal Biden impeachment inquiry. Apple iPhone to switch to USB-C charging. Escaped Pennsylvania inmate Danelo Cavalcante now in custody. Woke Wednesday. Brady Bunch house sells for $3.2 million. Auto workers threaten strike.

Aaron Rodgers carted off field less than 5 minutes into Jets debut

Aaron Rodgers carted off field less than 5 minutes into Jets debut. McDonald's ditches self-serve soda fountains. Trump asks Judge Tanya Chutkan to recuse herself from federal 2020 election subversion case. McCarthy to green light Biden impeachment inquiry this week. Man hoarding incandescent lightbulbs after ban. North Korea’s Kim Jong Un arrives in Russia for possible arms talks with Putin. Biden falsely claims he was at Ground Zero ‘the next day’ after 9/11.

Biden's approval rating down to 39%

Biden's approval rating down to 39%. White House staff abruptly end Biden's rambling Vietnam press conference. New Mexico Governor suspends right to carry firearms in Albuquerque. Weekend movie box office numbers. Remembering the victims of 9/11. NFL season kicks off with strong ratings. Earthquake devestates Morocco.